Vision of the Seminary


Having responded to Christ’s call ‘to be with Him’ (Mk. 3:14) and to serve Him in the Church’s mission, the seminarian progresses through a period of formation.

Formation does not happen alone but within the context of community, the Seminary. It is a community of faith, filled with expectant hope, built on deep friendship and charity, so that it can be considered a true family living in joy. ‘It is a community established by the bishop to offer to those called by the Lord to serve as apostles, the possibility of re-living the experience of formation which our Lord provided for the Twelve.’ (Pope John Paul II, Pastores Dabo Vobis, 60)

The Seminary is an educational community within the Church. Seminary formators seek to accompany seminarians through a programme of human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral enlightenment, as they become configured to Christ the Head and Shepherd.

The Holy Spirit works through the ‘human mediating forces’ of the formators whilst at the same time the seminarian takes responsibility for his own formation by freely participating in seminary life and cooperating in the work of the program.  The journey will enable him in his commitment to share in the mission of salvation in the Church and in the world.